Austin Dam Memorial Park
Pavilion Reservations

The pavilion was built it 2001 by the Austin Dam Memorial Association.
It sits at the foot of the dam ruins.

Please contact the Association to reserve the Pavilion
for your special event.

Call (814) 647-3318 or email

We ask for a donation for your use of the pavilion

This park was built and has been maintained by donations and volunteers.
Your donation can continue our efforts
to make this beautiful park and it's rich history available to the public.  

Please clean up and take all trash with you as we do not have a regular pickup.

Please send donations to:

Austin Dam Memorial Association
5384 State Route 872 North
PO Box 136
Austin, Pa  16720
Reservations for 2014

April 12                   Open House - First Day of Fishing Season

May 31st                 Graduation Party

June 7th                  Graduation Party
June 14th                Graduation Party

July 12th                 Reserved
July 26th                 Class Reunion

August 17th            Austin Baseball Banquet
August  22,23,24   The Austin Dam Show Music Festival
                             Sponsored by Potter County Visitors Assn.

Sept 4th                 Party

September 27,28   Austin History and Pride
                             Live Music, Artisans, Good Food and Tours